October 28, 2022

Dear SAU 90 Staff and Families,

Last Saturday, our Hampton PTA partnered with Hampton Recreation Department and the Lane Memorial Library to host an evening of fright and fun which was held at Marston School.  During my walk throughs this week, students and staff alike commented that it was the “best night ever!” Special thanks to all of the families and staff members who made this event possible for our community.  Your partnership with the schools is greatly valued as we look forward to more opportunities to bring these fun family programs to our beloved town of Hampton! Trick-or-treating in Hampton will take place this coming Monday from 5:30 – 8:00 PM.  

Our SRO’s have spent time with our students reviewing Halloween Safety.  Please be sure to review and reinforce the following safety tips with your children: consider incorporating a cloth or surgical mask into your costume, trick-or-treat in small groups outdoors or enjoy other outdoor activities, and remember to wash hands before eating candy.  For more information, please visit the National Safety Council at https://www.nsc.org/community-safety/safety-topics/seasonal-safety/autumn-safety/halloween

Our sixth graders had the opportunity to attend Environmental Camp at Camp Merrowvista in Center Tuftonboro, New Hampshire.  On Tuesday, I spent the day with our sixth graders.  I was able to visit the camp, participate in the activities, and have lunch with our students.  Mrs. Hughes and Mrs. Bowen provided an in-depth tour of the cabins/sleeping quarters, facilities/dining halls, recreational areas, and property.  It is truly a magical place for students to focus on community building, leadership development, and environmental education.  Special thanks to all of our staff, students, and families for making the trip so successful!  Please enjoy the pictures posted on our district Facebook page earlier this week.  

This week, I had the opportunity to spend some time at Adeline C. Marston School visiting classrooms, students, and staff.  Teachers continue to review and reinforce expectations which include: be safe, be respectful, and be responsible.  These expectations are reminded and discussed throughout the day in effort to ensure our students’ success.  Please be sure to check out our Facebook post, which features our Marston students or as I affectionately refer to them as, “Our Marvelous Marston Students.”   

At this time, we continue to work with the Hampton School Board on our annual budget for the 2023-2024 school year.  These meetings are being taped and will be available to our community on Channel 13.  

A reminder that the Hampton Academy Student Council began their Thanksgiving Food Drive which will run

until Friday, November 18th. Please see the attached flyer for more information. Thank you to Ms.

Coffill and Ms. Formisano for coordinating this imitative, which benefits our community.  As we start thinking about the holiday season ahead, it is natural to think about the needs of our families.  However, we wish to remind you that our Outreach Worker, Mrs. Emily Fixler, is an invaluable resource available to you at any time.  Please feel free to contact her if we can help you and your family in any way.  She is housed at Hampton Academy and can be reached at 603-926-2000 or through email at efixler@sau90.org 

Wishing you a happy and safe Halloween ahead!

Dr. Lois B. Costa

Superintendent of SAU 90

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