School Administrative Unit 90

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Dr. Lois Costa Superintendent of Schools

Mariah Curtis, Director of Finance

 Procedure for receiving and processing complaints alleging

discrimination within FNS School Meal Programs

Civil rights complaints are written or verbal allegations of discrimination based on race, color, national origin, age, sex, or disability. Any person claiming discrimination has a right to file a complaint within 180 days of the alleged discrimination.

Any civil rights complaint received at the individual school level must be forwarded through the SAU 90 office to the USDA for investigation and disposition. The complaint will be reviewed by the director of food service and business administrator, and if necessary the superintendent and the school board.

The complainant has the right to bring their complaint to the state agency, to NERO in Boston or to FNS in Washington.  The School Food Authority will assist the complainant in submitting the paperwork to all levels. The State Agency will be notified when/if there is a complaint of discrimination filed with the SAU.

USDA Program Discrimination Complaint forms are available at the SAU office, on the School Foodservice website, or at:


If the complainant makes the allegations verbally or in a telephone conversation and is reluctant or refuses to put them in writing, the person who handles the complaint must write up the description. There must be enough information to identify the agency or individual toward which the complaint is directed and indicate the possibility of a violation. Every effort should be made to obtain at least the following information: Name, address and telephone number or other means of contacting the complainant; the specific location and name of the organization delivering the program service or benefit; the nature of the incident(s) or action(s) that led the complainant to feel there was discrimination; the basis on which the complainant feels discrimination occurred (race, color, national origin, age, sex, or disability); the names, titles, and addresses of people who may have knowledge of the discriminatory action(s); the date(s) when the alleged discriminatory action(s) occurred or, if continuing, the duration of such action(s).