Mary Borg

Fresh Corn!!!

Fresh Corn!!!

Mary Borg - Food Service Director

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(603) 926-9826


Overdue notices are issued every Wednesday.

How can I pay for lunch?

The fastest way to receive and pay for your lunch is to deposit money into your school meals account prior to service and have your ID card with you to scan at breakfast and lunch time. Students are also allowed to give cash and to give deposits to the breakfast staff prior to school.

Now you can view student balances, meal history and view low balance notifications for free all at My School Bucks  formally "My Lunch Money". What is My School Bucks? Click on the link below to access My School Bucks.

 My School Bucks.

You can download the new app for your mobile device for iPhone and Android by searching for "My School Bucks" in the Apps store.

Contact the food service staff, guidance counselors or our nurse if you:

  • Have any questions or concerns about the above information,

  • Would like a copy of the Free/Reduced breakfast/lunch forms, or

  • If you are wondering if you child is eating during breakfast and/or lunch.

Please contact Mary Borg, School Nutrition Program Director at (603) 926-9826, regarding your child’s eligibility for free/reduced breakfast/lunch after the application has been filled out.


Free lunch offered through June 2022



  • Can I eat breakfast at school? 
    Yes, everyone is welcome! Come eat a healthy school breakfast.

  • How much is breakfast?
    Breakfast costs $1.65  
    For students eligible for reduced breakfast the cost is $.30. 
    Students eligible for free breakfast/lunch, the cost is free.

  • What’s for breakfast?
    2 servings for meat/meat alternate,
    OR 2 servings of grains/breads,
    OR 1 serving of meat/meat alternate and grains/breads, 
    Plus ½ cup of juice or fruit,
    Plus an 8 oz. Milk
    (Students may select all, or at least 3 of the above items to be considered breakfast.)

  • What kind of food do we serve?
    Everyday – cereal, bagels, and assorted breakfast bars along with juice and milk.
    Other choices may include – breakfast pizza, muffins, French toast, breakfast sandwiches, pancakes + sausage on a stick, yogurt, and fresh fruit

  • When is breakfast?
    Breakfast is served in the cafeteria. Come join us!


  • Can I eat lunch at school?

  • Yes, everyone can eat lunch at school!

  • How much does lunch cost?
    Lunch costs $3.10 Student’s eligible for reduced lunch, the cost is $.40. Students eligible for free the lunch the cost is free.

  • What foods am I entitled to have for the lunch price?
    2 oz. of meat/meat alternate,
    ½ cup of fruit and vegetable,
    A serving of bread/bread alternate
    8 oz. of low-fat milk (Students are able to select all or at least 3 of these items

  • What are the daily choices at Centre?
    Hot entrée, OR sandwich, OR 8-oz. yogurt
    2 servings of vegetable and or fruit
    Choice of milk –low-fat, chocolate, non-fat, and occasionally strawberry

  • Second Servings?
    -A second serving of pizza on Wednesday is allowed when a written parent note is on file in the cafeteria office. The charge for this is $1.50 and may be paid at the time of purchase or must be available in the student’s cash account.
    -We do not offer second servings on desserts, but a student is allowed to have more fruit and vegetables if they have completed a full lunch and are still hungry.
    -Extra 8 oz. milks are $.50.

  • What happens when my account has no money left?
    Students are allowed to “Charge” up to $15.00 in the account. After $15.00 has been charged and money has not been added to the account, the student may have a alternate meal with a vegetable/fruit and milk. it is important to maintain a positive balance.

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