Hampton School District

Grade 7 at a Glance

Language Arts

  • Reading Literature - Texts: Call of the WildThe BreadwinnerThe Outsiders; Various short stories under the mystery, suspense, horror genre.

  • Nonfiction/Informational - Text features and text structure (cause and effect, problem/solution, sequencing, fact/opinion, compare/contrast, description)

  • Speaking and Listening- Present findings and claims in a variety of formats, including small groups, group presentations, and individual presentations.

  • Writing

    • Process: brainstorm, use graphic organizers, draft, revise, conference, and edit

    • Product: research, persuasive/argument, narrative

  • Language - sentence structure, usage, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling.  Adherence to formal written English.


  • Number System - Computation and problem solving with integers using the four operations

  • Expressions and Equations - Two-step equations and inequalities that result from real world problems

  • Ratio and Proportion - Proportional relationships with tables, graphs, and equations

  • Geometry - Area and volume of 2- and 3-dimensional shapes, geometric figure construction using a compass and protractor, and equations to solve geometric problems

  • Statistics and Probability - Analysis of data from a random sample, comparisons between two populations, and develop probability models

Math - Pre- Algebra  (placement assessment required)

  • Exponents and Powers of Exponents, Scientific Notation

  • Algebraic Linear Equation, Lines and Linear Equations (Slope), Systems of LInear Equations, Functions

  • Pythagorean Theorem, Geometric Transformations, Congruence and Similarity

  • Statistics and Probability


  • Weather and Climate - the atmosphere, recording and forecasting weather data, and hazardous weather

  • Electricity and Magnetism - interactive forces and alternative energy

  • Genetics - natural selection, evidence of evolutionary theory, and adaptation

  • STEAM and Scientific inquiry

Social Studies

  • Geography and Map Skills

  • World Religion: Judaism, Christianity, Islam

  • Middle East

  • Africa

Supporting Learning at Home

  • Students may be assigned nightly homework or parts of larger projects to complete at home. Homework is generally meant for students to do independently.

  • All assignments can be found on Google Classroom for each class.

  • Students should read regularly at home and practice vocabulary for each class.

  • We encourage parents to check PowerSchool for assessment scores and missing assignments.