Hampton School District

Grade 6 at a Glance

Language Arts

  • Reading Literature -  genre exploration, character analysis, making personal connections, inferencing, analyzing multiple sources, and summarizing

  • Nonfiction/Informational - summarizing, using text-based evidence to support claims, research for science and social studies.

  • Speaking and Listening- collaborative discussion, summarizing, reporting on topics, adapt speaking to the task and audience

  • Writing

    • Process: brainstorm, use graphic organizers, draft, revise, conference, and edit

    • Product: narrative, informational, persuasive argument

  • Language - parts of speech, usage, punctuation, capitalization, spelling patterns, Spelling Connections, word origin

Math Topics

  • The Number System - Computational and problem solving skills with operations on decimals, fractions, absolute value, rational numbers, creating number lines, and the coordinate plane.

  • Ratios and Proportional Relationships - Ratio relationships, unit rates, and percents.

  • Expressions and Equations - Write, read, and evaluate expressions, and solve real world problems with equations and inequalities.

  • Geometry - Solve real-world and mathematical problems involving area, surface area, and volume.

  • Statistics and Proportional Relationships - Display and summarize numerical data sets, and develop understanding of statistical variability.

Science Topics

  • Cellular Biology - structure, characteristics, and systems of living things

  • Ecology -  interactions of organisms including the human impact

  • Astronomy - solar system scale, sun/earth/moon relationships and gravity

  • Waves - simple models and digital vs. analog relationships

  • STEM and Scientific inquiry

Social Studies

  • Early Humans

  • Mesopotamia

  • Ancient Egypt

  • Ancient Greece

  • Ancient Rome

  • Medieval Era

  • Mesoamerica

Supporting Learning at Home

  • Homework is posted on Google Classroom.

  • Homework is given nightly in multiple subject-areas.

  • Students should read regularly at home.

  • Students may also be assigned book projects.

  • Homework is generally meant for students to do independently, but we encourage checking your child’s work.