Hampton School District

Grade 3 at a Glance

Language Arts

  • Foundational Skills - use decoding skills in order to read grade-level texts fluently

  • Literature - ask and answer questions to demonstrate understanding of literary texts

  • Informational Text - identify key ideas and details to determine the main idea of a text

  • Writing Skills - write narrative, informational, and opinion pieces demonstrating a clear idea and a logical sequence

  • Language Skills - use grade-level spelling, grammar, and punctuation rules

  • Speaking and Listening - listen attentively and participate in a variety of discussions


  • Foundational Skills - know basic math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) and explain mathematical reasoning

  • Geometry - identify shapes based on their attributes

  • Numbers and Operations (Base Ten) - use place value to add, subtract, multiply, and round numbers to the nearest ten and hundred

  • Numbers and Operations (Fractions) - recognize and compares fractions

  • Operations and Algebraic Thinking - apply problem solving strategies and identify and extend patterns

  • Measurement and Data - tell time, measure to the nearest quarter inch, and find area and perimeter using multiple strategies


  • Animal & Plant Adaptations

  • Weather & Climate

  • Magnets

  • STEAM and Scientific inquiry

Social Studies

  • Civics

  • Geography

  • Hampton History

  • Economics

Supporting Learning at Home

  • Weekly homework letters outline expectations and important updates.

  • Homework is given in multiple subject-areas. The expectation is thirty-minutes per night.

  • Students should read regularly at home.

  • Homework is generally meant for students to do independently, but we encourage checking your child’s work.