Hampton School District

Grade 1 at a Glance

Language Arts

  • Foundational Skills - First word, capitalization, ending punctuation, long and short vowel sounds (cap versus cape), blend sounds, isolate sounds, final -e and common vowel teams, digraphs (two letters that represent one sound), suffix endings (es, ed, ing, ly), read trick words, read grade-level text, use context to self-correct

  • Literature - Characters, setting, plot, retell (beginning, middle, end, problem and solution), ask & answer questions, central message, compare/contrast

  • Informational Text - Main idea, retell key details, ask & answer questions, compare/contrast, use text features

  • Writing - Genres: Narrative, informational (All About Books), opinion

  • Language - Uppercase and lowercase letters, capitalization, punctuation, spell  phonetically, spelling patterns, spell trick words

  • Speaking and Listening - Participate in conversations, ask and answers questions


  • Operations and Algebraic Thinking - Solve word problems within 20, addition and subtraction facts within 20 (doubles, sums of 10, +2/-2, +1/-1, +0/+0, +10/-10), addition and subtraction strategies, missing addends/minuends in all positions

  • Numbers and Operations in Base 10 - Compare 2-digit numbers using <, >, = (56>13), base ten to 99, read, write and count to 120, add with and without regrouping

  • Geometry - 2D and 3D shapes, fractions (halves, fourths)

  • Measurement and Data - Tell time to hour and half hour, collect, organize and interpret information on a graph


  • Waves - Light and sound

  • Space Systems - Patterns and cycles

  • Structure, function, and information processing

Social Studies

  • Rules

  • Past/present

  • Government

Supporting Learning at Home

  • Read nightly for 15-20 minutes

  • Practice math facts regularly

  • Practice reading and spelling trick words