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Hampton School District

School Administrative Unit 90

Hampton School District is SAU 90, a public school system educating the students in the Town of Hampton, NH from preschool to grade 8.  

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Hampton School District is to provide an encouraging, educational environment where the unique talents and abilities of individual students are recognized and where the learning experience is meaningful and every student achieves mastery through a firm foundation in core fundamentals, higher level of thinking, problem-solving and critical/creative communication skills.


Recommendation for Grade Five Housing Plan 
Date: February 22, 2017 

When the passage of the Hampton Academy renovation occurs on March 14th the district will need to be prepared to deal with the new construction that will be underway during the summer of 2017 and during the 2017-18 school year. As you know the current sixth grade wing will be removed and replaced with a gymnasium. To do this the current grade five students will need proper housing. 
The following recommendation is the most cost effective and will have the least impact on the students; 

Grade 5 students remain at Marston School as 6th graders for their core subjects; English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. 
Students will be bused to and from school on the Middle School Bus runs and start school on the same schedule as students in grade 7 & 8 (7:30 am) 
Students will then be bused at 11:30 am to HA for their Shark Block (tutorial & enrichment), lunch and Unified Arts (PE, Music, ART etc.) 
Students will board the Middle School buses at the end of the day or like many of the 7th & 8th graders, they will stay after school to participate in the numerous activities available after school. 

In addition to the schedule and the assurance that the entire curriculum will be delivered, a number of supports will be in place. Principal O’Connor or Assistant Principal DeVylder will be on site at Marston to support the transition of students and the teacher needs. 
The school counselor assigned to grade six will also be on site at Marston. 
The grade six teachers support this proposal and will transition along with the students. 
In order to accommodate the sixth graders at Marston, learning spaces were evaluated to determine if they would meet the needs of the 8 sixth grade classrooms. The East and West wings at Marston School will be utilized for the grade 6 classrooms. In order to provide the space at Marston, the SAU 90 office will move to a new location during the construction of new learning spaces at Hampton Academy 

This recommendation was vetted by the Hampton Academy staff, Marston School staff, students and parents.  

Please contact the Superintendent’s Office should you have any questions. 
Thank you. 

Kathleen Murphy 

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