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April 1, 2014

Dear Parents Guardians Families and Community Supporters,

Since the opening of SAU 90 I have been impressed with the support and commitment people have made to the students in the Hampton Schools. Each year thousands of hours are volunteered by our supporters to ensure that excellence is maintained in our schools. You have all heard the “It Takes a Village to Educate one Child”; there is a great deal of truth to that statement. Time and time again, parents and families have stepped up to work in classrooms, chaperone field trips, and provide support to the district PTA.

In addition to our parent volunteers, members of the community have provided assistance to special events and supported fund raising efforts across the district.

As we approach spring time, the PTA is in the process of establishing their leadership team for next year. They are looking for parents, family members, and teachers to fill vacant spots in the organization and assume a role that will help to continue the outstanding support the schools have become accustom to in Hampton.

Please contact Stephanie Griffin or your school’s PTA representative and sign up to help this most worthy group.

Thank you

Kathleen A. Murphy



Hampton School District 2014 Annual Report

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