Hampton School District Policies

Section A is a repository for statements related to the District's legal role in providing public education and the underlying principals on which the District operates. The policies in this section provide a setting for all of the School Board's other policies.
Code Title
AA School District Legal Status
AB The People and their School District
ABB Staff Involvement in Decision Making
ABC Student Involvement in Decision Making
AC Non-Discrimination
AC-R  Non-Discrimination Grievance Procedures
ACD Commitment to Religious Neutrality
ACE Procedural Safeguards - Non-discrimination on the Basis of Handicap / Disability
AD Philosophy of the School District
ADB Drug-free Workplace / Drug-free Schools
ADC Tobacco Products Ban (Use and Possession In and On School Facilities and Grounds)
ADD School Safety
AE Accountability
AG Accomplishment Reporting to the Public
AGA Recognition for Accomplishment

Section B contains policies on the school board - how it is appointed or elected; how it is organized; how it conducts meetings; and how the board operates. This section includes bylaws and policies establishing the board's internal operating procedures.
Code Title
BAA-R Evaluation of Board Operational Procedures
BB School Board Legal Status
BBA School Board Powers and Duties
BBA-R Statutory Authority; RSA 21-N:9, II(b)
BBAA Board Member Authority
BBB School Board Elections
BBBA Board Member Qualifications
BBBC Board Member or District Officer Resignation
BBBD Board Member Removal from Office
BBBE Unexpired Term Fulfillment
BCA School Board Member Ethics
BCB Board Member Conflict of Interest
BCG School Attorney
BDA Board Organizational Meeting
BDB Board Officers
BDD Board-Superintendent Relationship
BDE Committees and Delegates
BDF Advisory Committees to the Board
BEA Regular Board Meetings
BEAA School Board Meeting Preparation
BEB Special Board Meetings
BEC Non-public Sessions
BEDA Public Notifications of School Board Meetings
BEDB Agenda Preparation and Dissemination
BEDC Quorum
BEDD Rules of Order
BEDG Minutes
BEDH Public Participation
BFE Administration in Policy Absence
BG Board Policy Process
BGA Policy Development System
BGB Policy Adoption
BGC Policy Review and Evaluation / Manual Accuracy Check
BGD Policy Review of Administrative Regulations
BGE Policy Dissemination
BGF Suspension of Policies
BHC Board-Employee Communications
BHD Payment for Services Rendered by School District Officers
BHE School Board Use of E-Mail
BIA New Board Member Orientation
BIB Board Member Development Opportunities
BIBA School Board Conferences, Conventions and Workshops
BIE Board Member Indemnification
BJ School Board Legislative Program
BK School Board Memberships
BKA Liason with School Board Associations
BYOD Bring Your Own Device

Section C contains policies on school management, administrative organization, and school building and department administration - including the administrative aspect of special programs and system-wide reforms such as school or site-based management. It also houses personnel policies on the superintendent, senior administrators (management team), and school Principals.
Code Title
CA Administration Goals
CB School Superintendent
CBB Appointment of Superintendent
CBC Superintendent Contract
CBG Superintendent's Development Opportunities
CBI Evaluation of the Superintendent
CCB Line and Staff Regulations
CF School Building Administration
CFA Individual School Administrative Personnel
CFB Building Principal(s) Evaluation
CH Policy Implementation
CHA Development of Regulations
CHB Board Review of Regulations
CHD Administration in Policy Absence
CLA Treatment of Outside Reports
CM School District Annual Report

Section D contains policies on school finances and management of funds. Policies on the financing of school construction and renovation however, are filed in Section F, Facilities and Development.
Code Title
DA Fiscal Management Plan
DAF Administration of Federal Grant Funds 
DB Annual Budget
DBC Budget Preparation
DBF Dissemination of Budget Recommendations
DBI Budget Implementation
DBJ Transfer of Appropriation
DC Taxing and Borrowing Authority / Limitations
DD Funding Proposals and Applications
DEA Revenues from Local Tax Sources
DFA Investment
DFE Gate Receipts and Admissions
DG Depository of Funds
DGA Authorized Signatures
DGD School District Credit Cards
DH Bonded Employees
DI Fiscal Accounting and Reporting
DIA Fund Balances
DID Fixed Assets
DIE Audits
DIH Fraud Preventionand Fiscal Management
DJ Purchasing
DJB Purchasing Procedures
DJC Petty Cash Accounts
DJD Cooperative Purchasing
DJE Bidding Requirements
DJF Local Purchasing
DJG Vendor Relations
DJGA Sales Calls and Demonstrations
DK Payment Procedures
DKA Payroll Procedures
DKC Expense Reimbursements
DM Cash in School Buildings
DN Equipment and Supplies Sales (School Properties DIsposal Procedure)

Section E contains policies, regulations, and exhibits on non-instructional services and programs, particularly those on business management such as safety, building and grounds management, office services, transportation, and food services.
Code Title
EB Safety Program
EBAA Hazardous Materials Disposal / Removal
EBB Safety Procedures / Safe Schools Committee
EBBA First Aid (and Emergency Care)
EBBB Accident Reports
EBBD Indoor Air Quality
EBC Crisis Prevention & Response
EBCA Emergency Plans
EBCB Fire Drills
EBCC Bomb Threats
EBCD Emergency Closings
EBCE School Closings
EBCF Pandemic / Epidemic Emergencies
EC Buildings and Grounds Management
ECA Buildings and Grounds Security
ECAB Access to Buildings
ECAC Vandalism
ECAF Audio & Video Surveillance on School Buses
ECF Energy Conservation
EDA Educational Television Programming 
EDC Authorized Use of School-Owned Materials and Equipment
EDCA Employee Use of Electronic Communication Devices
EDCA-R Employee Use of Cellular Telephones (guidelines)
EEA Student Transportation Services
EEA-R Student Conduct on Buses
EEAA Video & Audio Surveillance on School Property
EEAE School Bus Safety Program
EEAEA Mandatory Drug & Alcohol Testing - Bus Drivers
EEAG Use of Private Vehicles to Transport Pupils
EEAH Receipt & Use of Sex Offender Registry Info & Use of Sexual Pred. Not. Info.
EEBA School Vehicle Use
EF Food Service Management
EFA Availability and Distribution of Healthy Foods
EFC Free and Reduced-Price Lunch
EFE Vending Machines
EGAD Copyright Compliance
EGAD-R Copyright Compliance (regulations)
EH Public Use of School Records
EHAA Computer Security, Email and Internet Connections
EHAB Data, Governance and Security
EHB Data / Records Retention & Schedule
EI Risk Management
EIB Liability Insurance and Pooled Risk Management
EID Insurance

Section F contains policies and regulations on facility planning, financing, construction, and renovation.
Code Title
FA Facilities Development Goals / Priority Objectives
FBB Enrollment Projections
FE Facilities Construction
FEA Educational Specifications
FEB Selection of Design Professional
FEE Site Acquisition Procedure
FF Naming or Renaming Rights

Section G contains policies on all school employees except the superintendent (policies on the school chief are located in Section C, General Administration). The category is divided into three main divisions: GB has policies applying to all school employees or to general personnel matters; GC refers to instructional and administrative staff; and GO refers to support or classified staff.
Code Title
GA Personnel Policies Goals
GADA  Employment References and Verification
GBA Equal Opportunity Employment
GBAA Sexual Harassment & Sexual Violence - Employees
GBCD Background Investigation & Criminal Record Check
GBD Board-Employee Communications
GBE Employee Rights & Responsibilities
GBEA Staff Ethics
GBEA-R Violations of Staff Ethics
GBEB Staff Conduct
GBEBA Staff Dress Code
GBEBB Employee-Student Relations
GBEBC Employee Gifts & Solicitations
GBEBD Employee Use of Social Networking Websites
GBEBDA Acceptable Use of Technological Systems
GBEC Drug-free Workplace / Drug-free Schools
GBED Tobacco Products Ban Use, etc.
GBG Employee Protection
GBGA Staff Health
GBGA-F Medical Examination of School Employees - Form
GBGD Workers' Compensation Temp. Alt. Work Program
GBI Staff Participation in Political Activities
GBJ Personnel Records
GBJA Health Insurance Portability - HIPPA
GBK Staff Concerns Complaints and Grievances
GBN  Recommendation for Employment
GBN-R  Representation of the District in Court 
GCA Professional Staff Positions
GCAA Highly Qualified Teachers
GCB Professional Staff Contracts
GCCAD Military Leave
GCCAE Professional Staff Visitations and Conferences
GCCBC Family & Medical Leave Act
GCEB Administrative Staff Recruiting
GCF Professional Staff Hiring
GCG Part-Time and Sub Professional Staff Employment
GCH Professional Staff Orientation
GCI Professional Staff Development Opportunities
GCID Professional Activities of Teachers
GCK Professional Staff Assignments & Transfers
GCM Professional Staff Work Load
GCNA Supervision of Instructional Staff
GCO Evaluation of Professional Staff
GCP Professional Staff Promotion / Reclassification
GCQA Reduction in Instructional Staff Work Force
GCQC Resignation of Instructional Staff Member
GCQE Retirement of Professional Staff Members
GCR Non-School Employment by Professional Staff Members
GCRC Professional Personnel Consulting
GCRD Tutoring for Pay
GDB Employment of Non-Certified Personnel
GDF Hiring of Non-Certified Personnel
GDJ Non-Certified Personnel Assignment & Reassignment
GDM Non-Certified Staff Development Opportunities
GDO Evaluation of Support Staff
GDQ Termination of Non-Certified Personnel
GDS Recognition of Bargaining Units

Section I contains policies on the instructional program: basic curricular subjects, special programs, instructional resources, and academic achievement.
Code Title
IB Academic Freedom
IC School Year
ICA School Calendar
IF Instructional Approach
IFA Instructional Needs of Students with Different Talents
IGA Curriculum Development
IGD Curriculum Adoption
IGDA Co-curricular and Extra-curricular Programs
IGDAA Student Publications
IGDAB Contest for Students
IGDAC Interscholastic Athletics
IGEA Exceptions to Use of Specific Course Materials
IHAE Physical Education
IHAH World Languages
IHAK Character and Citizenship Education
IHAL Teaching about Religion
IHAM Health Education and Exemption from Instruction
IHAM-R Health & Sex Education Exemption: Opt-Out Form
IHAMA Teaching about Alcohol, Drugs & Tobacco
IHAMB Teaching about Self-Protection (Safety Information)
IHBA Programs for Pupils with Disabilities
IHBAA Evaluation Requirements for Children with Specific Learning Disabilities
IHBAA-R Determining a Specific Learning Disability
IHBB Programs for Gifted Pupils
IHBBA Limited English Proficiency Instruction
IHBCA Pregnant Students (also JFE)
IHBG Home Education Instruction
IHBG-R Home Education/Dual Enrollment
IHBH Extended Learning Opportunities
IHBH-R MOU Extended Learning Opportunities
IHCA Summer Activities
IHGBA Homebound Instruction
IIB Class Size
IIC Instructional Time - Schedule
IJ Instructional Materials
IJK Supplemental Materials Selection and Adoption
IJL Library Materials Selection and Adoption
IJL-R Citizen's Request for Reconsideration of Library or Classroom Material
IJO Community Resources
IJOA Field Trips and Excursions
IJOC Volunteers
IK Earning of Credit
IKA Grading Systems
IKAA Progress Reports to Parents
IKAD Changing Student Grades
IKB Homework
IKE Promotion and Retention of Students
IKG Awards and Scholarships
IL Evaluation of Curricular Programs
ILBA Assessment of Edcational Programs
ILD Non-Educational Surveys and Questionnaires
IMAB Teachers TeachingTheir Own Children
IMAH Daily Physical Activity
IMBA Distance Education
IMBC Alternative Credit Options
IMBD High School Credit for 7th and 8th Grade Advanced Coursework
IMC Controversial Speakers and Programs
IMDA Patriotic Exercises
IMG Animals in the School


Section J contains policies on students - admissions, attendance, rights and responsibilities, conduct, discipline, health and welfare, and school-related activities.
Code Title
JBAA Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence
JBAB Transgender and Gender Nonconforming
JCA Change of School or Assignment
JEA Compulsory Attendance Age
JEB Age of Entrance
JEC Manifest Educational Hardship
JF Enrollment
JFA Residency
JFA-R Technical Assistance Advisory - Residency
JFAA Admission of Resident Students
JFAB Admission of Tuition and Non-Resident Students
JFABB Foreign Exchange Students
JFABB-R Admission of Foreign Exchange Students
JFABD Admission of Homeless Students
JG Assignment of Students to Classes and Grade Levels
JGA Home Education Policy
JH Attendance, Absenteeism and Truancy
JHC Student Early Release Precautions
JI Student Rights and Responsibilities
JIA Student Due Process Rights
JIB Student Involvement in Decision-Making
JIBA Student Government
JIC Student Conduct
JICA Student Dress Code
JICC Student Conduct on School Buses
JICC-E Student Transportation Contract
JICC-R Student Conduct on School Buses - Regulations
JICD Student Conduct, Discipline, and Due Process - Safe School Zone
JICD-R Safe School Zone -Memorandum of Understanding
JICDAA Employee - Student Relations
JICDD Student Discipline/ Out of School Actions
JICE Student Publications
JICEA Student Productions
JICF Gang Activity
JICFA Hazing
JICG Tobacco Products Ban, Use and Possession Inand On School Facilities and Grounds
JICH Drug and Alcohol Use by Students
JICI Weapons on School Property
JICJ Unauthorized Communication Devices
JICK Pupil Safety and Violence Prevention - Bullying
JICK-R Pupil Safety Reporting Form
JICL School District Internet Access for Students
JICL-R Acceptable Internet Use Procedures - Students
JIE Pregnant Students
JIH-R Searches of Students
JIHC Use of Metal Detectors
JIHD Student Interviews and Interrogations
JIJ Student Protests, Demonstrations and Strikes
JJA Student Activities & Organizations
JJE Student Fund-raising Activities
JJEE Student Gifts and Solicitations
JJF Student Activities Fund Management
JJF-R Administering Student Activity Funds
JJG Non-School Sponsored Contests for Students
JJIB Interscholastic Athletics
JJIC Eligibility for School Athletics and Extra-Curricular School Activities
JJIF Guidelines for Proper Sportsmanship
JKA Corporal Punishment
JKAA Use of Restraints
JKB Detention of Students
JKBA Modification of Expulsion
JLA Student Insurance Program
JLC Student Health Services
JLC-R Screening of Students
JLCA Physical Examination of Students
JLCAA Toilet Training and Diapering
JLCB Immunizations of Students
JLCC Management of Pediculosis
JLCD Administering Medications to Students
JLCD-R Administering Medications to Students - Procedure / Form
JLCDA Administering Medications to Students During a Field Trip
JLCE Emergency Care and First Aid
JLCEA Use of Automated External Defibrillator(s)
JLCEB Anaphylaxis Policy
JLCF Wellness Policy
JLCF-R School Wellness Implementation
JLCG-R Exclusion of Students from School for Illness or Injury
JLCGA Return to School Following Long-term Illness / Injury / Surgery
JLCH Do Not Resuscitate Orders
JLCI Coordinated School Health Program
JLCJ Concussions and Head Injuries
JLCK Special Physical Health Needs of Students
JLD School Guidance and Counseling Program
JLDBA Behavior Management and Intervention
JLDBB  Suicide Prevention Education
JLF Reporting Child Abuse or Neglect
JLF-R Reporting Child Abuse - Procedure / Form
JLI Safety Program
JLIA Supervision of Students
JLIF Receipt and Use of Sex Offender Registry Information
JLIF-R Receipt and Use of Sex Offender Registry Information - Regulations
JM Student Awards
JQ Student Fees, Fines, and Charges
JQ-E Student Fees, Fines, and Charges - Form
JQA Care of School Property by Students
JRA Student Records and Access(FERPA)


Section K contains policies, regulations, and exhibits on parent and community involvement in schools. Except for policies concerning education agencies, statements on public sector relation with the School District are also located in this section.
Code Title
KA School, Community and Home Relations
KB Title I Parent Involvement in Education
KBA Policy on Right-to-Know Law
KCB Community Involvement in Decision Making
KCD Public Gifts / Donations
KD School District Social Media Websites
KDA Public Information Program
KDAA New Media Relations / Releases
KDAB Posting of Community Notices
KDC Website Publishing Policy
KDCA Use of Students in School Public Information Program
KE Public Complaints
KEA Complaints about Curriculum or Instruction Material
KEB Public Complaints about School Personnel, Employees, Students or Administration
KED Facilities orServices - Grievance Procedure (Sec. 504)
KF Use of School Buildings and Facilities
KF-R Community Use of School Facilities - Regulations / Form
KFA Public Conduct on School Property / Assaults
KFA-R Assaults - Procedure
KFAA Public Conduct on School Property - Athletic Events
KFAAA Civility Policy
KFD Use and Location of Automatic External Defibrillator(s)
KH Public Solicitations in the Schools
KHB Advertising in the Schools
KI Visitors to the Schools
KL Legislative Representative
KLGA Relations with State and Local Health Departments
KLGB Relations with State and Local Welfare Departments
KLGC Relations with Police Authorities
KLGD Relations with Fire Department
KLGE Relations with State Government Authorities


Section L contains policies, regulations, and exhibits on the School District’s relationship with other education agencies—including other school systems, regional or service Districts, private schools, colleges and universities, education research organizations, and state and national education agencies.
Code Title
LA Interorganizationial Relations
LC Relations with Education Research Agencies
LDA Student Teaching and Internships


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