Kindergarten at a Glance

Hampton School District

Kindergarten at a Glance

Language Arts

  • Writing

    • Learn the routines for Writer’s Workshop.

    • Practice foundational writing skills, including drawing, telling, and beginning to write about true experiences.    

    • Include rich color and details in illustrations.

    • Focus on informational writing, such as “How To” books and “All About” books

    • Progress to writing one or more sentences to support their picture and stay on topic

    • Practice using foundational writing skills; such as punctuation, upper case letters at the beginning of a sentence, and spaces between words.

    • Participate in narrative, informational, opinion and persuasive forms of writing

    • Create text by using many strategies and resources in the classroom such as  word walls, anchor charts, and letter/sound/symbol supports

    • Share their writing and respond to questions and comments from peers

  • Reading

    • Learn the routines for Reader’s Workshop.

    • Are exposed to fiction and nonfiction and discuss differences.

    • Identify story elements: characters, setting, beginning, middle, and end.

    • Make predictions, match their voice to the print and use picture clues.

    • Work with letter sounds and words with a mix of high-frequency words (word wall words), rhyming words, and simple consonant-vowel-consonant words

    • Apply reading strategies

    • Retell familiar stories with more details

    • Continue to work with letter sounds and words with a mix of high-frequency words (word wall words), rhyming words, simple consonant-vowel-consonant words, long vowel patterns, and blends.

    • Develop beginning reading fluency (vs. reading word for word)


  • Develop number sense through hands on experiences.

  • Focus on 2D and 3D shapes and their attributes.

  • Practice reading, writing, and ordering numerals.

  • Count by ones in sequence and learned strategies for counting sets of objects.

  • Work on adding and subtracting 0 & 1 to any number (+1, -1, +0, -0)

  • Build understanding that teen numbers are made of a group of ten and some ones

  • Practice accurate one to one counting

  • Understand that a given group of objects is the same amount regardless of the arrangement

  • Continue work on becoming fluent in addition and subtraction through 5

  • Practice missing addends and breaking apart a number (0-10) in more than one way

  • Develop subtraction concepts and skills through a variety of strategies such as games, manipulatives, ten frames, and pictures

  • Build understanding that two-digit numbers are made of a group of ten and some ones

  • Continue to practice numeral formation


  • Life Science

  • Earth Science

  • Physical Science

Social Studies

  • Civics

  • Geography

Supporting Learning at Home

Read nightly with your child and talk about books.


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