2013 Annual Meeting


The Hampton School Board and school administrators renewed their goal again this year to “find efficiencies in order to align financial resources with desired outcomes.” In pursuit of this goal, the school district completed a budget development effort that included:

  1. building the proposed operating budget using a zero-based development process;
  2. finding additional efficiencies and savings in the operating budget;
  3. re-purposing saved funds to address new priorities and other identified needs of the district; and
  4. communicating the results of these efforts to secure passage of the budget and warrant.


In the following graphic, the warrant of last year's meeting (March 2012) is compared to the proposed warrant for this year (March 2013). In 2012, the budget was approved by the voters, as were both the teacher and paraprofessional contracts. The operating budget figures displayed below include the total combined amount of budget and contracts for each year. The graphic adds up the total appropriations if all six (6) warrant articles proposed this year are supported by the voting public. Note that the total for 2013-14 will be $1,750,407 higher than in 2012-13. That number can be misleading; if you exclude the non-tax impact of gross appropriation increases ($655,000) and the one-time capital project ($588,600) at Centre School, then the real increase is $506,807, a 2.7% increase.

FY 2012-13
March 2012 Meeting
FY 2013-14
March 2013 Meeting
Operating Budget 18,130,603 18,634,990
Gross Appropriation*
(offset by revenues)
0 655,000
Long Term Maintenance 300,000 300,000
Centre School Addition* 0 588,600
Spec Ed Trust Fund 75,000 75,000
Child Benefit Service 37,080 39,500
Totals 18,542,683 20,293,090
* Excluding non-tax impact and one-time capital 19,049,490


The warrant for the 2013 Annual School District Meeting contains six (6) articles upon which the public will vote. The signed warrant as posted is available below.

The warrant also notes the school district officer positions that will appear for election on the ballot. There are two positions open as follows:

Two (2) School Board Members for 3-year terms ending 2016.

Candidates may file between Wednesday, January 23, 2013 and Friday, February 1, 2013 with the School District Clerk, Jane Marzinzik. See Jane at the Town Hall 926-0406 to arrange filing.

Warrant of the 2013 Annual School District Meeting

State of NH Budget Postings - MS-27 and Default

Newsletter - Feb 2013 District News

Warrant Presentation to the Budget Committee 01-08-13

Article 1 - Operating Budget

The proposed operating budget for FY 2013-14 is $19,289,990. That figure is higher than the current FY 2012-13 budget by $1,159,387. That increase amount has two elements: 1) the operating budget is proposed to rise by $504,387 due to significantly greater mandatory contributions to the NH Retirement System as well as contracted salary increases, a proposed increase of 2.78%; and 2) there is an additional $655,000 in gross appropriations added to the budget that are offset by federal grant and food service revenues and will have no impact on the tax rate. If the proposed budget fails, the default budget will be $19,276,594, which is $13,396 higher than the proposed.

Total cost of this article is $19,289,990.

The School Board and Budget Committee both recommend this appropriation.

Proposed 2013-14 Operating Budget

Budget Presentation to Budget Committee 12-13-12

Article 2 - Long Term Maintenance

The school district has voted supportively for a number of years to appropriate $300,000 for ongoing long-term maintenance projects in the Hampton school buildings. Major projects currently in progress include energy efficiency upgrades in lighting throughout the district, fire sprinkler suppression systems at Hampton Academy, and ADA accessibility upgrades to bathrooms. The School Board again this year requests $300,000 to continue the projects listed in the warrant.

Total cost of this article is $300,000.

The School Board and Budget Committee both recommend this appropriation.

Update on Long Term Maintenance Warrant Article Projects

Article 3 - Special Education Expendable Trust Fund

At the March 2010 Annual Meeting, voters established an Expendable Trust Fund for the purpose of “educating educationally disabled children” and titled it the Special Education Fund. The fund provides contingency for unanticipated expenditures like a student moving into town mid-year and needing to be placed out-of-district for specialized services at cost of $200,000 or more per year.

The March 2010 vote put $50,000 into that fund. At the March 2011 Annual Meeting, voters put another $75,000 into the fund. The March 2012 Annual Meeting appropriated another $75,000 to the fund and established a maximum balance limit of $300,000 for the fund. With accumulated interest, the fund now carries a balance of approximately $210,000. The School Board proposes to put another $75,000 into the fund this year.

Total cost of this article is $75,000.

The School Board and Budget Committee both recommend this appropriation.

Article 4 - Centre School Addition

The School Board has identified a serious programmatic space need at Centre School. The proposal is to construct a 2-classroom addition onto the end of the 1999 addition, effectively completing that project. Space is required for the developmental preschool and music instruction programs at Centre School. Both are in substandard spaces. The project will address those needs and provide an additional bathroom for staff on that wing as well as storage space which is limited in the school currently.

The project was estimated at roughly $200 per square foot in discussion at the January 2013 Public Hearing. Complete design documents were drafted and a competitive bidding process was finished on February 1, 2013. At the February 5, 2013 Deliberative Session, this article was amended to an amount of $588,600, which is the actual amount for which the bidded contracts may be signed upon voter approval in March. There will be no borrowing or bonding with this project. The funds will be raised in a one-time tax impact of approximately $0.21 per thousand (roughly $68 one time for the average homeowner in Hampton).

Total cost of this article is $588,600.

The School Board and Budget Committee both recommend this appropriation.

Educational Specifications for Centre School Addition project

Floor Plan (color) for 2-Classroom Addition

Article 5 - Town Clock

A group of Hampton citizens have undertaken the restoration of the clock that once stood atop the Odd Fellows Hall on Lafayette Road in Hampton. A fire in January 1990 claimed the building but the clock was saved. This committee of citizens has chosen the front lawn of Centre School on Winncunnet Road as the preferred spot on which to locate the clock. Working with an architect, the committee has a plan to erect a bell tower with the clock as a showcase of the community's history. The proposed warrant article authorizes the school board to enter into a long-term lease agreement with the town for the property on which the clock will be located. There is no expense related to this article and no appropriation included. This warrant article is presented by Citizen Petition (signed by 25 or more registered voters of Hampton).

The School Board recommends adoption of this article.

Concept Drawing of Town Clock on Centre School Front Lawn

Article 6 - Child Benefit Services (Sacred Heart)

NH state law, specifically RSA 189:49, permits a local school district to provide child benefit services for resident students attending other schools. In our case, Hampton voters have for a number of years provided funding to Sacred Heart School in Hampton to benefit Hampton students there with school nurse services, instructional materials, etc. The $39,500 request this year is $2,420 more than last year due to higher enrollment of Hampton students in that school. This warrant article is presented by Citizen Petition (signed by 25 or more registered voters of Hampton).

Total cost of this article is $39,500.

The School Board recommends this appropriation by a vote of 3-1-1. The Budget Committee recommends this appropriation.

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