2015 Annual School District Meeting

Information for the 2015 Annual School District Meeting

Proposed 2015-16 Operating Budget and Other Warrant Articles

To be voted on by ballot on Tuesday, March 10, 2015


The Hampton School Board and school administrators established a goal for this year in the area of Finance and Facility to “align resources to accomplish priorities within a balanced budget.” This goal carried a number of objectives, specific and annual, including the following:

  1. develop a proposed operating budget using a zero-based development process;
  2. successfully negotiate a new agreement with the Hampton paraprofessionals; and
  3. communicate with the public to secure voter approval of the budget and contract.

Priority was also placed this year on launching a focused effort to being planning for a comprehensive renovation of the Hampton Academy facility.


In the following graphic, the warrant of last year's meeting (March 2014) is compared to the proposed warrant for this year (March 2015). In 2014, the operating budget was passed by voters along with a new collective bargaining agreement with the Hampton Teachers (SEA), the Long Term Maintenance article, and a petition article for Sacred Heart School. The graphic adds up the final appropriations (authorized spending) for 2014-15 as a result of voting that year. Then it adds up the total appropriations if all five (5) warrant articles proposed this year are supported by the voting public for 2015-16. The graphic also includes the estimated tax rate impact per $1,000 of property value that each article will have (based upon today's valuation). The goal of the School Board was to deliver a reasonable budget, successfully negotiate with our paraprofessionals, and move the Hampton Academy project forward with our community.



The warrant for the 2015 Annual School District Meeting contains five (5) articles upon which the public will vote. The signed warrant as posted is available below.

The warrant also notes the school district officer positions that will appear for election on the ballot. There are five positions open as follows:

One (1) School District Moderator for a 3-year term ending 2018; One (1) School District Clerk for a 3-year term ending 2018; One (1) School District Treasurer for a 3-year term ending 2018; and Two (2) School Board Members for 3-year terms ending 2018.

Candidates may file between Wednesday, January 21, 2015 and Friday, January 30, 2015 by 5:00pm with the School District Clerk, Jane Cypher in the Town Clerk's Office at Town Hall, 926-0406.

Warrant of the 2015 Annual School District Meeting

State of NH Budget Postings - MS-27 and Default

Newsletter - Jan 2015 District News

Warrant Presentation to the Budget Committee 01-06-15

Article 1 - Operating Budget

The proposed operating budget for FY 2015-16 is $20,061,260. That figure is higher than the current FY 2014-15 budget by $442,015, a proposed increase of 2.25%. If the proposed budget fails, the default budget will be $19,962,440, which is $98,820 lower than the proposed. In other words, the budget is rising in default by 1.75%, which is $343,195 and there is another $98,820 requested in the proposed budget, which is an additional 0.50%.

Total cost of this article is $20,061,260.

The School Board and Budget Committee both recommend this appropriation.

Proposed 2015-16 Operating Budget

Budget Presentation to Budget Committee 12-16-14

Article 2 - Paraprofessional Contract

The Hampton School Board and the Hampton Paraprofessionals negotiated a new four (4) year contract to run from July 2015 to June 2019.

The four year agreement avoids an entire negotiating session and its associated costs. Changes include a reduction in the posting requirement from 14 days to 5 school days. Sick leave provisions are modified to allow carryover of up to 60 unused days, which will better bridge employees through the 90-day waiting period for long-term disability. Changes in language clarify employee rights to “irregular” leaves including extended leaves of absence and jury duty. Employee classifications are amended to establish salaried and hourly paraprofessionals. The agreement reduces the current 10 step pay scale to seven (7) steps in Years 1 and 2 and further to four (4) steps in Years 3 and 4. Existing language defining “full-time” benefits is replaced by provisions, consistent with the Affordable Care Act, for an affordable (less expensive) health plan for eligible employees working 30 or more hours per week. Cost sharing for this plan will be 75% district and 25% employee. The provision for non-use “buy-out” is eliminated. Longevity payments are eliminated for all new hires and current employees are grandfathered under current provisions. The agreement calls for salary/wage increases over the four years of 2.25%, 1.75%, 1.75%, and 2.25% respectively.

Total cost of the first year of the agreement is $23,230.

The School Board and Budget Committee both recommend this appropriation.

Marked-Up Expiring Agreement of Hampton School Board and SESPA

New Agreement of Hampton School Board and Hampton Paraprofessionals - SESPA

Article 3 - Long Term Maintenance

The school district has voted supportively for a number of years to appropriate $300,000 for ongoing long term maintenance projects in the Hampton school buildings. Major projects currently in progress include reconstruction and repaving of parking lot and bus loop at Marston School, upgrades to building perimeter security (cameras) at all three schools, and ADA accessibility upgrades to bathrooms. The School Board again this year requests $300,000 to continue the projects listed in the warrant.

Total cost of this article is $300,000.

The School Board and Budget Committee both recommend this appropriation.

Update on Long Term Maintenance Warrant Article Projects

Article 4 - Owner's Project Management for Hampton Academy Project

The School Board has reviewed and discussed the many years' worth of assessments, surveys, studies, and committees concerned with the facilities needs of the Hampton Academy. The School Board has considered public input from community forums and discussion groups and has decided to pursue a renovation of Hampton Academy in its current location as opposed to new construction of a facility on district-owned land on Towle Farm Road. Included in those multiple documents created over the past decade are reports of the code deficiencies and program deficiencies that exist at the Academy building. The School Board set a major goal beginning this year to “address the facility and program needs of Hampton Academy.” This proposed warrant article seeks funding to secure an Owner's Project Management (OPM) partner who will in turn assist the district in selecting an Architect partner and establishing a committee to work on this project. Then the OPM will assist the district in establishing the concept and scope for this renovation project with cost estimates and renderings that can be used to inform the community about the project plan.

Total cost of this article is $86,250.

The School Board and Budget Committee both recommend this appropriation.

Article 5 - Child Benefit Services (Sacred Heart)

NH state law, specifically RSA 189:49, permits a local school district to provide child benefit services for resident students attending other schools. In our case, Hampton voters have for a number of years provided funding to Sacred Heart School in Hampton to benefit Hampton students there with school nurse services, instructional materials, etc. The $46,750 requested this year is $4,250 more than last year due to rising enrollment of Hampton students in that school. This warrant article is presented by Citizen Petition (signed by 25 or more registered voters of Hampton and verified by the School District Clerk).

Total cost of this article is $46,750.

The School Board and Budget Committee both recommend this appropriation.

Citizen Petition for Child Benefit Services

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