Hampton Academy Building Project

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Meeting Information

When: Varies
Where: Hampton Academy Library
Time: Varies

The Hampton School Board has commissioned a Project Advisory Committee to oversee the planning and development of a proposal to address renovations to the Hampton Academy School Building.

Since 1994 a number of studies have been conducted to assess the building's compliance with safety codes and ADA requirements, its infrastructure needs including heat, air quality, and ventilation, as well as programmatic challenges to meeting the needs of middle school learners.

The School Board believes the time is right to develop a proposal to present to the community. Over the next 10 months a group of interested citizens will work with the School Board to formulate recommendations. The Board has requested that the committee represent a broad base of individuals to tackle all of the issues that will arise with the proposal's development.

The District has set up this webpage to provide information to the public. As the project develops, forums and hearings will be scheduled to insure the community has a voice in the project. Citizens are encouraged to contact members of the advisory committee if they have any questions or concerns.

In addition to the Project Advisory Committee the School Board has contracted with Trident Project Advantage Group to assist the District in the myriad of decisions that the committee and Board will have to make.

Hampton Academy Project Advisory Committee (HA-PAC)

Committee Members

Jason Bachand - Hampton Town Planner    

Tricia Ciolfi - Parent, Teacher (Marston)

Jim Dearden - Committee Chair, Parent

Theresa Evans -  Parent, PTA President

Suzy Frost - Parent, Teacher (Academy)

Paul Hamlen - Community Member

Tim Hamlen - Parent, Hampton Police 

Amy Hansen - Parent 

David Hobbs - Parent, Hampton Police 

Marlo Kehoe - Parent 

Kate King - Parent 

Amie LaPierre - Parent 

Dyana Martin - Hampton Parks & Recreation

Michael Muldoon - Parent 

Jenna Nadeau - Parent, Teacher (Academy)

David O'Connor  - Hampton Academy Principal

Nathan Page - Parent 

Debbie Pouliot - Parent, PTA Vice-President

Mary Saunders - Parent, Teacher (Academy) 

Ryan Sharpe - Parent, Hampton Public Works

Les Shepard - Hampton School Board

Joseph Sliney - Community Member

James Waddell - Hampton Selectmen

Chris Wheeler - HYA, Community Member 

Mary-Louise Woolsey - Hampton Budget Committee

Jerry Znoj - Community Member 

Ex-Officio Members

Kathleen Murphy -Superintendent 

Nathan Lunney - Business Administrator 
Keith Lessard - Facilities Director 
Greg Limperis - Technology Director
Gino Baroni - Trident Group- Owner's Project Manager
Paul Pandelena - Trident Group - Owner's Project Manager
Bill Hickey - H.L. Turner - Architect/Engineers
Doug Proctor - H.L. Turner - Architect/Engineers
Keith McBey - Bonnette Page & Stone - Construction Manager 
Jim Kimball - Bonnette Page & Stone - Construction Manager
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