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The following information is intended to serve as an outline of studies for all core classes during the month of March.


Language Arts with Mrs. Paster:

Research papers were completed in February and students are now preparing their speeches.    The oratorical presentations will take place in the classroom beginning Monday, March 6, and each class will select three students to compete in the school-wide oratorical contest that will be held at 6:00 PM on Wednesday, April 5, and judged by members of the Hampton Rotary Club and Jack Taylor, last year’s first place winner. Students will also study two chapters in Holt Handbook; first, chapter 9, a review of verbs principal parts, forms, tense, voice, and mood. Additionally, students will examine chapter 14 in Holt Handbook as it reviews the use of commas, semicolons, and colons as they practice the inclusion of their use in their writing.  Vocabulary for Achievement continues with lessons 12-16.


Social Studies with Mr. Coggeshall:

February finds us leaving World War I.  After the war, the United States returned to "normalcy," but the 1920's or The Roarin' Twenties, as this time period is often called, was anything but normal.  Students will examine the rise of organized crime produced by the Prohibition Period and how this time continues to affect their lives today.  Students will understand the rise of Modern America, socially as well as mechanically.  Students will understand the concept of laissez-faire and determine for themselves how much government should try to control big business, the citizenry, and themselves.  Get ready to dance the Charleston, take in a "talkie" movie, and listen to the radio as we head into the 1920's!  


Science with Mr. Magnusson:

In March, we will be finishing our investigations into chemistry and then move into our unit of physics.  Students will examine topics around Newton’s Laws of Motion, gravity, friction and momentum.  We do a variety of unique demonstrations and the unit is culminated with a big design engineering project.  The Car Project has been one of the most successful and enjoyable learning experiences in my 32 years.  


Algebra I with Mrs. Bonsaint:

During the month of March, students in Algebra I will study exponents and polynomials. We will begin with properties of exponents, powers of ten and scientific notation. Students will then learn how to add, subtract and multiply polynomials using properties of exponents and combining like terms. Students will be taking the second trimester exam in early April.. Students will continue to have nightly homework, vocabulary and weekly “Countdown to Testing” practice. They should continue to work to keep their math materials organized.


Pre-Algebra with Mrs. Bonsaint

During the last week of February, students began work with exponents. During March, we will continue to work with exponents and apply the properties of integer exponents to evaluate expressions. Students will also solve problems using square root and cube root symbols. Our next topic will be Systems of Equations where students will solve systems of simultaneous linear equations both algebraically and by graphing.

Students will continue to have vocabulary work and weekly skills work.They should continue to work to keep their math materials organized.


Special Education with Mr. Angwin

Study skills - students continue to work on their organizational skills which include organizing notebooks for classes and checking Power School to see what assignments they may be missing.  Concepts that are taught in core classes are also reviewed during this period.








8 Hampton Announcements


8 Hampton Social Studies - Mr. Coggeshall


8 Hampton Science - Mr. Magnusson


Language Arts 8 Hampton

Monday, March 20

  • Review of the week...
  • Verbs use--review
  • Sentence construction review

Homework:  Complete handout titled “Comma Review”--read page 1 and complete 1-5.  Lesson 13 vocabulary due Thursday

Tuesday, March 21

  • Review of 4 types of sentences
  • Review of  6 tenses
  • Review of Active and Passive Voice

Homework:  Exercise 5, page 201.  If sentence is passive, rewrite it as active.  If sentence is active, rewrite as passive.

Wednesday, March 22

  • Early release Day
  • Correct active/passive homework

Homework:  Complete lesson 13 vocabulary

Thursday, March 23

  • Review of passive/active voice
  • Begin Mood--review description of indicative, imperative, interrogative, conditional, and subjunctive mood.

Homework:  Complete mood practice

Friday, March 24


Monday, March 27

  • Review of Active/Passive voice--Discovery education
  • Final review of mood

Homework:  Study for mood summative assessment tomorrow

Tuesday, March 28

  • Mood assessment today

Homework:  Select a controversial topic and list 5 reasons both pro and con and Begin vocabulary lesson 14--due Tuesday

Thursday, March 30

  • Making a claim—

Homework:  Read argumentative paper and complete review

Friday, March 31

Quizlet Live--grade 8 language arts




8 Hampton Math - Mrs. Bonsaint

All students have a skills sheet due every Friday and they have ongoing vocabulary work.

Nightly homework is written on the board daily and students are given time in class to write the assignmnet in their agenda book.

8 Hampton World Languages - Mrs. Rogers


8 Hampton - Mrs. Adams