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The following information is intended to serve as an outline of studies for all core classes during the months of May and June.


Language Arts with Mrs. Paster:

Students will begin the month with a publishing of their argumentative essay/claim paper, an assignment that requires students to research a debatable topic and write an argument to support a position. During May, they will also complete their Science NECAP testing.  Although class time in class will continue to be adjusted in order to accommodate the testing schedule, we will continue to have all core classes.  During this time, students will review chapter 15 in Holt Handbook, “Quotation Marks, Apostrophes, Hyphens, Parentheses, Brackets, Dashes”. Vocabulary for Achievement will continue with lessons 17-25, along with a review of frequently used prefixes, suffixes, and root words. Finally, students will complete their last presentation for the year, a research presentation about an area of interest that will be explored in high school. The presentation incorporates Google slides and two short videos.


Social Studies with Mr. Coggeshall:

Students have wrestled with the Constitution, learned about the immigration history of the United States, and examined today's immigration issues.  They have looked at the growth of big business and debated how much government involvement there should be. They witnessed the fighting in World War One, reveled in the fun of the 1920's, and faced the worst economic time in American history by studying the Great Depression.  And now, at the end of the year, they will study the greatest event in world history so far--World War Two.  We will study the rise of dictators, the fighting of the war, the Holocaust, and the aftermath of the War while applying some of the lessons learned to similar situations in our present lives.  Thanks in advance for a great year!


Science with Mr. Magnusson:

Our 3rd unit is a physics examination.  Students examine the interaction of matter and energy with moving objects.  We will be exploring multiple concepts around motion.  Students will observe many exciting demonstrations and be responsible for a major assignment called The Car Project.  For this project, students will design, blueprint, construct, and “run” a rubber-band propelled cardboard “car”.  Parents will need to support this challenge by helping students find sufficient corrugated cardboard and cutting out the design pieces at home. Construction will be completed in school.  Students should inform parents about specific deadlines, checkpoints, and project requirements.  The major summative evaluation for this project is a 3-5+ page scientific paper that validates students’ knowledge and application of key concepts and how these topics directly relate to the motion of their constructed car.  Students are extremely motivated to get started.  This is a great way to end the school year.  Please feel free to contact me via email, amagnusson@sau90.org, if you have any questions.  With the time remaining after the Car Project, students will have an introduction to Chemistry.  We will explore various concepts of atomic structure, chemical formulas and balancing chemical equations.  There are some excellent labs that support this learning.


Pre-Algebra with Mrs. Bonsaint:

During the months of May and June, students will learn about Geometric Transformations. Students will learn about translations, reflections, rotations, and dilations and then will make comparisons of the four. The final topic for the year is Congruence and SImilarity. Students will work on understanding and applying both congruent figures and similar figures and will relate them to geometric transformations.


All of these topics are building blocks for Algebra I, so it is very important that students stay focused and continue to work through the end of the year. Students will continue to have nightly homework and  vocabulary . They should continue to work to keep their math materials organized.


Algebra I with Mrs. Bonsaint:

During the month of May, students will work with quadratics.  Students will identify and graph quadratic functions, transform and solve quadratic equations and use factoring to graph and solve quadratics. The Quadratic Formula can be used to solve any second degree polynomial equation in future studies of math.  For the month of June, our final topic to study will be exponential and radical functions.

Students will continue to have nightly homework and vocabulary work. They should continue to work to keep their math materials organized.




8 Hampton Announcements


8 Hampton Social Studies - Mr. Coggeshall


8 Hampton Science - Mr. Magnusson


8 Hampton Language Arts with Mrs. Paster

Monday, May 22

  • Memorial Day practice...
  • Chapter review 14 and 15--assessment on Friday; lesson 14 due Wednesday; 15 due Thursday
  • Complete slides and prepare presentation

Homework:  Holt Handbook “Chapter Review” pages 337-338, 1-20 and 31-35

Tuesday, May 23

  • Correct lesson 18
  • Correct chapter review
  • Select numbers for High School Presentations…
  • Prepare information that you will share along with sides--notecards or Google doc

HW:  Holt Handbook “Chapter Review” pages 365-366, 1-20, 31-35

Wednesday, May 24

  • High School Project Due!
  • 2 presentations
  • Correct chapter review

Homework:  Prepare for punctuation assessment.

Thursday, May 25

  • Two presentations
  • Quizlet review for tomorrow’s assessment

Homework:  Prepare for tomorrow’s assessment.  Rehearsal after school for Memorial Day presenters.

Friday, May 26

  • Punctuation assessment
  • Memorial Day Assembly


8 Hampton Math - Mrs. Bonsaint

All students have a skills sheet due every Friday and they have ongoing vocabulary work.

Nightly homework is written on the board daily and students are given time in class to write the assignmnet in their agenda book.

8 Hampton World Languages - Mrs. Rogers


8 Hampton - Mrs. Adams