Mrs. Johnson's Teacher Page

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My Education

Bachelor of Science, Mathematics - University of Oregon
Teacher Education Certification Program - NHTI

Available for Help

Every Tuesday after school.


Check out the videos on my YouTube channel!


Online math games for practice:

  • Ker-Splash - Combining Like Terms on Calculation Nation. Be sure to enter the site with a Guest Pass.
  • Number Balls - Order integers from least to greatest.
  • Integers Jeopardy - practice all 4 operations jeopardy style.
  • Integer Warp - race other players' space ships by multiplying two integers quickly.
  • Orbit Integers - race other players' space ships by adding two integers quickly.
  • Fruit Shoot - Shoot the fruit that contains the answer to an addition, subtraction or multiplication problem.
  • Drag & Drop - quickly identify if a sum will be positive, negative, or zero. Very fast!
  • Integer Football - Add and subtract yards for 15 plays to win a trophy. Can you play without counting?
  • Integer Eaters - Eat specific sums of integers without the other guy eating you.
  • Math Nook - Play a whole bunch of different integer games. Let me know your favorite!

Other Important Information:

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