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                                                                                       August 2016



            Hope you all had a wonderful summer.  I'm looking forward to getting to know you and your children.  

        The first few days we will spend time getting to know each other and reviewing familiar basics like handwriting and how to work with a partner.  We will practice routines and get comfortable in our new surroundings. Our schedule is always printed on the front white board for the children to see. Each day usually begins with a morning meeting followed by writing, snack and reading/word work. After lunch and recess will have more reading then math.  Science and social studies activities are usually on Fridays.  At 1:55 we go to our special.

        Homework will begin about the third week of September.  It will be sent home daily Mondays through Thursdays.  Usually there will be a math worksheet and an activity involving about 18 words from our word study program,WORDS THEIR WAY, which we will use all year.  Please try to read for 20 minutes everyday with your child.  It makes a huge difference.

        In math we will be working on knowing addition and subtraction facts.  First we master all the sums that make 10.  Then we work on the doubles-4+4, 6+6.  Our goal is to know all facts to 20 automatically. We use a lot of manipulatives like pennies for better understanding. Soon we will tackle time and coins.

    In writing we will focus on opinion pieces and then move on to "small moment" stories.  In the stories, they recount something real that happened, give good details and strive for strong beginnings and endings.  Later we will move on to informational writing.

      At reading time the children read from "just right books."  If a child reads more than 5 words incorrectly on a page then the book is too hard. We don't want the child to struggle with decoding because then understanding suffers.  Reading is all about the meaning.  If they don't undestand what they read-it isn't really reading.  We will  work on reading independently for longer and longer periods of time.  The best way to get better at reading is to read.  

   Please see the orange letter in the Eagle folder for more details about our routines.

                                                              Thanks for all your help in getting us off to a great start,


                                                                                   Mary Ann Moynihan