Science--Sound and Vibration

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Sound Science!

Our class has been learning about what causes things to make sound.  After experimenting with several different objects and learning about sound and vibration, the students were given the task to design and develop a musical instrument using recycled materials.  See below for the creative and scientific instruments that our students created:


The Kuter By Aiden R.

"The elastic will hit the toilet paper roll and make a sound."


The Diamond Shredder by Jakob

"I will blow air into the paper towel tubes and it vibrate. The sound will come out the holes in the sides."


The Jingler by Nathan

"The corn inside the toilet paper roll will jggle and vibrate to make sound.  When you shake it hard it will vibrate more and make a louder sound.  When you jiggle is slow it will vibrate less and make a softer sound."


The Forkbander by Aiden P.

"I will flick the straw and the cup will hit the foil and that will make the fork hit the foil and the foil and the rubber band will start to vibrate and make a noise."


The Guitar by Sofia

"The rubberband will vibrate in the tissue box and make the sound bounce off the walls in the box."



The Instrument With 3 Instruments In One by Reese

"I will hit the egg carton with toilet paper rolls and it will vibrate.  I put stuff in the egg carton because I wanted it to vibrate when I shook it.  I put rice in the toilet paper rolls to make more vibration sound."



The Tranbon by Sabrina

 I will fling the rubber bands around the paper towel roll and they will vibrate to make a sound."



The Forktoon by Clive

"I will attach the paper towel roll to the rubberband and pull back the fork and it will make a high-pitched sound because the fork will hit the tin foil with vibration."



An Accordian by Jack

"I will move the rubberbands around the paper towel rolls by pulling them with my hands and they will vibrate and make a sound."


Moraca Drum by Nolan

"The things in the cup willmove when you shake it and it will make sound because the tin foil will vibrate."



Diamond Shaker by Jocelyn

"The corn will vibrate inside the cup because the corn will bump against the wall when I shake it.  The corn will vibrate making a sound."



The Blow Hole by Ella

"I will blow through the paper towel roll into the box.  The box will vibrate and make a sound."



The Shaker by Allie

"I put pasta in the cups.  I will shake the cups and the pasta will vibrate and make a sound."



The Airmaker by Evan

"I will vibrate the rubberbands with my hands."



The Guitar by Makayla

"It will make a sound because there is vibration when you flick it."


The Shaker by Aryah

"The beans and the corn will hit the inside of teh container and teh beans and corn will vibrate and that will make the noise."