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During the month of September, our class had a lot of fun learning all about Geometry, the study of shapes. We learned about both 2D and 3D shapes through a variety of modalities and activities. Our students mostly enjoyed the two activites: Different Ways to Fill a Shape (More and Less), as well as the very fun game called, Fill a Hexagon. How many different ways can you fill a hexagon?

Below are some pictures of our class in action during some of these activities in math ;)


Ava, Stori, Lili, Ben and Nathan having some fun finding different ways to fill a shape!


The Terrific Triangles of Paige, John, Annika, Will and Eve are enjoying using different shapes to fill their oultines. Each filled their shape a different way! Some used two trapezoids to make a hexagon, while others used six triangles! Working with shapes is fun :)


Benten, Liam and Davin all love working with shapes!


Noah, Arianna, Joshua and Paul are all having some fun, while filling their shapes all different ways. Some used more shapes, some used less shapes.