Homework Information

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Homework is an important extension of concepts learned in school during the day. Math homework will be sent home in a packet on Friday and is due back the following Friday. Each page should not take longer than 10-15 minutes.


        Fundations our phonemic awareness program, has a packet which will go home at the beginning of each unit. This packet does not need to be returned to me. It will show you the lessons taught in class each week and the concepts to practice at home. Please be sure to reinforce neat handwriting with you child and watch their pencil grips. They should pinch the pencil with their thumb and pointer while the rest of the fingers are tucked behind the pencil.


        Nighttime reading folders will also be going home on a daily basis. In the folders will be a sheet to fill out listing the books your child has read as well as an area for comments about the book. The books in the folders are books that are at your child’s reading level. They should know most of the words but may need some help with some of the words. Your child will get to choose a new book to take home when they bring back the one from the previous night.


It sounds like a lot, but I think you will find it to go quickly! Also, if your child has a difficult time with something, please let me know.