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Mrs. Dunham’s Class News

October 28th, 2016


READING: This week as readers, we focused on understanding story structure.  We talked about tuning into our characters and the emotions they are feeling.  We looked at how narrative stories all follow a similar path- up the hill towards the climax and then back down again.  Lastly, so many of my readers are hooked into a series right now (which is awesome)!  We chatted about how once you are familiar with one book, it makes it easier to read and understand other books in a series.  They often follow a similar pattern and the characters start to feel like old friends. 

WRITING: We took a detour from writing this week and began our study of matter.  We learned that matter can be a solid, liquid, or gas.  We practiced observing properties of matter using our senses.  Students learned about dry ice and we made oobleck.  Was it a solid or a liquid?  Next week, we will get into informational writing and reading.

MATH: This week in math we put our place value learning to the test with math riddles and number line challenges.  Students also learned that “guess and check” is a valid and useful problem-solving strategy.  Lastly, we continued to work on our fact fluency.

FYI: The Halloween parade will be held outside of school on Monday from 1:30-2.     If you can make it, we will see you there!  Also, if each student could please bring in a favorite nonfiction book from home by Tuesday or Wednesday, that would be great.  Thanks!!