All about Speech

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As a speech and language pathologist I provide services in the following areas:




                     - Sound awareness

       - Correct production of speech sounds in isolation, moving through words, phrases, sentences, and conversation.                          



 -         use of correct grammatical structures

-         verbally expressing one’s thoughts and ideas effectively

-         develop conversations skills

-         vocabulary concepts

-         word retrieval


Fluent speaking


 -        following oral directions

-         processing/comprehending verbal information

-         relating new information to what you know




-         know letters of the alphabet and their corresponding sounds


Phonemic Awareness:

 -        rhyming

-         sequencing and manipulating sounds within words

-         word families

-         segmenting sentences into words

-         segmenting words into syllables

-         segmenting syllables into sounds

-         blending sounds into words



 -        utilize visual imagery

-         answer main idea and detail questions

-         comprehend story structure

-         retell story sequentially

-         formulate inferences and predictions



           Sound symbol correspondence:

 -        using letters to represent sounds

-         using taught spelling patterns and rules


Sentence Formulation:


-         use of compound and complex sentences

-         use of descriptive language

-         learn organizational skills

-         include story or report elements


Social Skills / Pragmatic Language


-         listening to others

-         sharing information

-         turn taking

-         joining an activity

-         asking for help

-         apologizing

-         accepting consequences

-         understanding non-verbal cues

-         maintaining eye contact