5th Grade Weblinks

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Language Arts

We love to read!  Try some of these award winning books listed on these websites.

Reading Rockets

Information about the Everglades

Florida Everglades

Everglades National Park

Learn about authors

Kids Read



Classifying and the Ocean

Exploring Animals

Ocean Life
 Deep Sea Creatures

Animal Kingdom

More about Animal Kingdom

Plant Kingdom

More about Plant Kingdom

 Fungi Kingdom

Protista Kingdom

Fish Life-Pictures

Classifying Game

Exploring Animals

 The World's Biome

Enchanted Learning - biomes

World Biomes




Weather Channel
                UNH Daily Weather Forecast
                Climate-Weather Wiz
                Current Weather Fronts

Satellite and Rader Images

Satellite images
                Local radar map
                Doppler Radar maps
                Current Lightning Strikes
                Interactive satellite images

Research Sites
Latitude and Longitude
Latitude and Longitude by city

Weather Adventure

Weather Wiz

Pictures of Clouds

 Kids Only NASA

Meteorology Guide

Sky Diary


Natural Disasters

Tornado and Hurricane

Tornado Alley





Energy Quest

Energy Kids

Atom Tour This site includes a basic introduction to atoms.

Tech Topic This site has basic information and includes models of some of the elements.

Intro to Atoms  This site provides a basic introduction to atoms and vocabulary.  The sections titled “overview” “structure” are helpful.

Chem Comics  This site is fun…comic book stories about characters that are based on specific elements.  In addition to the story there are some great facts.

Social Studies

 American Revolution

Ben Franklin's life Biography of Benjamin Franklin's life 

Boston Tea Party An essay on the Boston Tea Party 

Declaration of Independence Complete account of the Declaration of Independence 

Declaration of Independence  Bens guide to government is a website that tells the history of the declaration 

Declaration of Independence Liberty’s kids is a website that gives you historical information on the declaration
Boston Massacre Facts and Questions about the massacre,

Boston Massacre Liberty Kids, the who, what and where of this event

Boston Tea Party This site gives you multiple sites about the Boston Tea Party

Boston Tea Party Information about the tea party in easy to read language

Lexington and Concord Multiple sites to look at that are kid friendly 

Battle of Lexington and Concord Information about the battle

Stamp Act Multiple sites to help you find information on the stamp act,

Stamp Act A PBS site that includes information and a short video about the protests that took place

Battle of Trenton This site contains many sites with information on the Battle of Trenton

Battle of Yorktown The who, what, when and where of this battle

French and Indian War Multiple sites about the war are listed


13 Colonies

13 Colonies 

Colonial Kids

New England Colonies

Kids Info New England Colonies.

13 Colonies Chart

Middle Colonies

Southern Colonies

Kids Info Southern Colonies

Colonial Currency

Colonial Occupations


PBS Democracy Project 

Ben's Guide to the US government Games and information about our government

Congress for Kids This page outlines the roles that Congress plays in our government

State of New Hampshire Information about the state's government

Types of Government 


Westward Expansion

Go West A national geographic website that lets you see what it was like to travel during Lewis and Clark's adventure

Growth of a Nation Illustrates the growth of a nation after the 13 original colonies

Lewis and Clark Reasons behind the trip, maps of the trail and how it help the country 

Women of the West   Descriptions of famous women


Civil War

The 10 Costliest Battles of the Civil War Data on deaths, cost of each battle and who won

The Civil War for Kids Pictures, famous battles and leaders of the Civil War

Abraham Lincoln Biography of Abraham Lincoln's life and his speeches 

Harriet Tubman Activities, poems and time lines of Harriet Tubman's life

American Civil War Pictures and information about the Civil War
Civil War Biographies and battles of the Civil War

Civil War Timeline Detailed time line of events that took place during the Civil War 

Ulysses S. Grant Detailed account of his life during the Civil War

Robert E. Lee Detailed account of his life during the Civil War

Battle of Bull Run Facts and maps of the battle

Harriet Beecher Stowe Information about her life

Sherman's March Pictures and an informative timeline about the march

Nat Turner A PBS biography of Nat's life

Battle of Shiloh Information about the battle and the leaders of the battle